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The curriculum and student activities in the program have been carefully designed and developed.  Students will go through several orientations throughout the 3.5 – 4 years.
Business Orientation
The goals of the BBA Orientation are to provide incoming students with fundamental view of business activities; with some basic skills such as discussion, analytical and presentation skills; and to prepare students for a rigorous study of the collegiate program.  All new students are required to attend an 4 week pre course of instructions.  Students have to use English throughout the whole program so they will be acquainted to English usage in listening, speaking and reading. 
Academic Orientation
This program aims to guide the first year students in choosing their majors and minors, to emphasize rules and regulations and to enhance oral and written presentation skills including modern presentation techniques.  As a result, our BBA students have better understanding of their career path and what are to be expected of them in the next four years.
Graduation Orientation 
It’s a program designed for preparing students to work in business world.  Fourth year students will be lectured on the topics such as:
          Continuing Studies Opportunities
          Business World and Business Ethics
          Alumni’s Career Discussions
          Integrative Job Search Solution
          Introduction to Personal Image and Social Graces
These activities will prepare graduates to be ready for the business world.