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One aspect of the preeminence of the Thammasat BBA International Program is demonstrated through the success of students on the international stage in various extracurricular activities.
Star Search Project
Star Search is a case competition for Thammasat underclassmen (Juniors, Sophomores, Freshmen) only. Its purpose is to give the underclassmen an opportunity to test their skills in a case competition for fun and to enhance students in gaining more business experience, practice presentation skills and seeking for future representatives of the BBA International Program for case competitions. Students are organized in teams of four and have a similar two day period to prepare presentations. The judges for the first round will be the Seniors and the judges for the finals will be former members of Thammasat BBA competition teams who have already graduated.  
International Association of Marketing
International Association of Marketing (IAM-TU) is an internationally oriented association, composed of dynamic BBA students who are interested in marketing careers. The aim is to provide members with meaningful and beneficial experiences that will help them to excel in their future professional lives. IAM-TU is established to serve professional needs of Thammasat marketing students and to provide insights and information on real-world marketing practices.
Philips Financial Business Challenge
This is a Philips global Finance and Accounting graduate recruitment program, sponsored by Philips Medical Systems. The target group is the top students from universities within Asia. The intent is to hire high caliber graduates to join Philips to start off their professional career development.
The program is centered around a financial business case. You will form into teams with participants from other countries, namely China, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand to work on the business case together. At the end of the program, students will be required to make a group presentation to the firm’s senior management.
ISC International Management Symposium, University of St.Gallen, Switzerland
This symposium is actually conceived, planned, and organized by student body. There are two main ISC offices: one at University of St.Gallen, and the other is at Harvard University. Every year students, supported by the private sector, organize an international management symposium in St.Gallen, Switzerland, and invite key note speakers ranging from policy makers to top executives to participate. Students from universities around the world are selected to participate in the symposium through an essay competition based on a particular theme.
Inter Cup
Inter Cup is a sports event organized by BBA Thammasat students. Activities include football, cheerleading during 15 days. The aim is to promote relationships between students from international programs firm various universities in Thailand and to support extra curricular activities, particularly, sports.
The friendship sports competition among the five international programs in Thammasat University (BBA, BE, BAS, SIIT and TU-NU) takes place once a year at TU: Thaprachan Campus. It is a one day sports competition.  The aim is to strengthen students relationships within Thammasat University International Programs through sports.