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Summer Study Abroad Program

Students wishing to apply for a summer study abroad program are strictly required to follow the application procedure below.
§  Students must submit a completed application form for Summer Study Abroad Program, along with course syllabi / course descriptions of the courses to be taken at the host university, to the BBA Office by April 1.  Approval is to be made within a few weeks after receiving the application form and, if any, other necessary information about the Host University to which students would like to attend during the summer.
Note that the Host University includes all universities in the University of California System.
§  Students must submit a letter of acceptance received from the host university to the BBA Office as soon as it is delivered to the students.
§  Students must provide the official transcript from the host university for a grade transfer purpose as soon as it becomes available. 
Posted on December 3, 2018 – 02:30 p.m.