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EG241 Listening Speaking 1 Placement Test Result (Semester 2/2016)

Dear BBA Students,
EG241 Listening - Speaking 1 Placement Test Result  Click
Please note that this result is for students who took the placement test on February 22, 2017.  For those who have got accreditation, the accreditation result will be recorded in your grade report for 2nd semester of academic year 2016.  Those who have not got accredited for the course must submit the required score report to the Program before graduation.
Please be reminded that the students who would like to get an exemption for EG241 must submit the official test score reports as follows:
1.    Minimum score on IETLS listening part of 5.0 and Speaking part score of 5.0 or
2.    Minimum score on TOEFL (iBT) listening part of 15 and speaking part of 22.
The students must present the official score report for verification and file its photocopy to the Program.  The required documents will be forwarded to English Language Department of Faculty of Liberal Arts for approval.  The submission deadlines are March (for summer semester), July (for first semester), and December (for second semester).
Should you need more information, please contact the Program.
BBA International Program
Posted date:  March 27, 2017 – 03:10 p.m. by Sochaya T.