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Dress Code

BBA (International Program) kindly requests your cooperation to improve the image of the BBA Program by complying with the BBA dress code regulations as follows:
·         All BBA students are required to wear the Thammasat students uniform to attend classes, regardless of class attendance being stipulated as a condition;
·         BBA students participating in any university activities, such as orientations and field trips, are required to wear the Thammasat students uniform;
·         BBA students attending classes held over the weekend are required to wear the universitys uniform or a polite dress (No T-shirts, tank tops, shorts, hip-hop pants, flip-flops, sandals, etc.)
Wearing (too) casual or impolite attire is considered violating the Universitys dress code, and the students have to face the consequences. 
The BBA Office reserves the right to provide no services to the BBA students violating the dress code policy.
Posted date: August 29, 2010 18:30 hrs.