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The Winner of Strategy Storm Social Business Case Competition 2020, India

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Written by Anek Kusuwan, BBA#26
Were blessed by this opportunity to be part of Strategy Storm 2020, the biggest international business social enterprise case competition in India with more than +1,200 undergraduates from all around the globe. With this level of competition and our unfamiliarity with local culture, doing the first round of the case is definitely challenging. In the First round, we had to identify the target market and customer segment while conducting a non-traditional marketing strategies for a social enterprise company in India to crate brand awareness and loyalty. The most challenging part is where we had to conduct the penetration strategy for Kumbh Mela, the biggest human-gathering event in the world with more than 120 million people. However, with team work and perseverance, we somehow pull it off and made it to final round which brought us the India.
Being the first-ever generation from BBA Thammasat to compete in India is already exciting for us. What fired us up the most is cracking the local social enterprise startup firm for education, IGNIS Career, while competing among the best of other 9 local teams who have the well-understanding of Indian culture, customer, and environment. Under the goals of improving profit margin, achieving scale, and implementing the digitisation strategy, while facing with other obstacles like limitation of time and information, it pushes us to work harder as a team and adjust ourselves to the problems. Presenting our solution to the companys owner and seeing them considering the implementation our strategies made us speechless.
The one of the most-fun part about this competition is where we got to experience the local culture, people, food, and places. For me, I really felt like doing another exchange program but in the totally different world. We got to learn so much about the local way of living and how IIT Guwahati as well as other IITs approach study, work, and life. Sharing point of view them is extremely valuable. Three days is definitely short but the relationship that we build among each other and other new friends will sure be long-lasting.
Lastly, I just want to thank my team for what we did together. This team wouldnt happen without Jean, Perth, and Palm who put all of the time and effort for this competition. Shelby & Co. wouldnt be a star tonight without these people in it. Proud of this team.
Posted on February 17, 2020