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BBA Short Lecture #49:Columbia Business School MBA Admissions Information Session

Written by Yossapat Thaveesittikullarp, BBA#23
In this competitive world, learning is never stop and chances for further improvement never stop coming. It’s very important that those who seek that opportunity grab it or not. BBA always keep us ahead of other by bringing us the best things always and this time BBA has brought us the director admission officer of one of the most prestigious MBA program across the globe. Mr. Michael Robinson from The Columbia Business School.
            My life as an undergraduate student almost come to an end. There are many railroads that we can choose after undergraduate life whether we want to start our path in professional or we want to educate ourselves more. For those who seek to earn an MBA, it is mandatory that an experience in real world is needed to maximize the best of the course. Mr.Robinson here has come and share us what they are looking for a potential candidate for the Columbia Business School.
            First, Mr Robinson start off by a very typical question that should been ask is that who is interested in a MBA. Few hands have shown up, of course. Then he asked us more on what we see ourselves in future, who we want to be and whether MBA can help you achieve that goal. He has stated that Columbia will not be an easy. They want the true leadership who has passion on what they are doing and that come back to me to be passionate on what we are doing.
            Next, Mr. Robinson has going through the selection process that has been set to be admitted to Columbia Business School. It is tough like we all know. They choose the best of the best and like I have mentioned above they are not only for only genius and talented person. They are looking out for the passionate and leadership from every candidate. Then, he has told us more how the program design and what you can expect from the program. The program is not design only the business student to come and join. Apparently, the number of those who graduate from a business school in their undergraduate period is a minority. This display the diversity in past experience of each person from difference profession. MBA is a place not only to be learn from the professor, textbook and courses but it is well designed to learn from your colleague and everything.
            Not only Mr. Robinson visited us, he brings 2 alumni which both of them both graduate from BBA Thammasat and MBA Columbia. First, I would like to thank you Professor Kanjaraj Tangtaswas and Mr. Anak Tangtaswas to share us such a valuable experience. Both of them share us a very interesting MBA life and how to get accepted by one of the best business school. As a BBA alumni, they help us to get a perceptive of what MBA can do and help us pursue our career path in further future and what is student will face when they take the MBA at Columbia
            In a nutshell, this experience is such an invaluable experience. It somehow answer a lot of question on those who interest in taken a MBA and how could MBA life will be. A very private session provided by Mr. Robinson is very limited chance not to mention an engagement from our 2 alumni who have sacrifice their valuable time to share experience to us. As a representative from a student, I would like to express our gratitude to all those who made this happened. Thank you to Professor Worapong Janyangyuen, director of BBA, who never stop pouring his heart for their student wellness and always bring the best thing to BBA and thank you BBA officer who manage all this event. Lastly, we all wholeheartedly appreciate your kindness and invaluable experience and time provided by Mr. Robinson, Professor Kanjaraj Tangtaswas and Mr. Anak Tangtaswas
Posted date:  November 19, 2017 by Sochaya T.