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Creative Shock 2019, Vilnius, Lithuania

Team Chinja Consulting
I had a chance to participate in the creative shock 2019 as one of the finalist teams. This competition is held by the students of ISM business and economic university at Vilnius, Lithuania for 4 days. We joined the opening ceremony at the university, then we took part in the social kick-off session and the workshop about local social business run in Vilnius. In this session, our team has been separated and spattered into different group to crack the short cases they gave us within merely half an hour. Click to read more…

Team KPN
We are truly appreciate the opportunity to be part of Creative shock 2019 which is the international social business case competition hosted every year in Vilnius, Lithuania with their goal to be a speaker to all social enterprises around the world. The competition really put us on the real-life social business problem and challenge us with creativity and real marketing and management problems. Before departed to Vilnius, in this case competition, we securely need to pass the preliminary round. In the preliminary round, our task is to create a strategic market plan for the social business called “TEXTALE” where they sell second-handed cloth and also modify the left-over to create value rather than waste them. Click to read more…