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Finance & Marketing Boot Camp 2019

Written by Nareepat Chulavalaivong, BBA#24
First time ever for the Thammasat Business School to organization Finance and Marketing Bootcamp 2019 where not only does this event seek to offer students career path guidance but also expert insights through their life journey. All students from finance and marketing major from second to fourth year with a total of over a hundred students participated in this three full days event at Pattaya.
On the very first day, the event kicked-off with a fun half-day activity at Cartoon Network Waterpark Pattaya. In this event, students were able to participate in ice-breaking activities hosted by the park organizer. On the second day, there were three main activities including Career Design, Personal Branding and Alumni’s Career Discussion and Experience Sharing. Career Design event hosted by CareerVisa was held in the first half of the day. In this activity, a team of career guidance experts organized a three-hour session where the purpose of this session is to pave a career path for students through self reflection on life events and to find what is the true passion in life. Students had to share stories to each other and at the same time were exposed to the perspectives of others. Following Career Design is the afternoon session hosted by K.Medhee Jarumaneeroj, co-founder of BrandAholics Co. Ltd. K.Medhee was the guest speaker of this session in which he shared his experience in the business field in many renowned companies such as Procter & Gamble (P&G). During his days at P&G, he was the Global Communications Leader for Olay Brand where he exceled in the firm through his high achievements. In this session, the knowledge and experience he shared with students helped us reflect our life goals and to define our passion, what we want to do in life.

Later in the evening, the day ended with Alumni’s Career Discussion and Experience Sharing. A group of approximately ten BBA Alumni starting from batch #1 up to batch #21 were invited to join the session and share personal stories. Alumni working in different field such as consulting, e-commerce, clothing retail, or financial services shared their career experience with students and adviced on future career plans. From this session, students were able to gain more industry insights and were exposed to variety of careers beyond our familiar field of work. On the last day, the morning session was dedicated to two influential people from BBA, P’Dan (CEO of private equity firm) and P’Nhoom (CEO of Ngern Tid Lor). Both shared their stories behind the journey to becoming a CEO and how they achieved the epitome of their career. The most important thing he left behind for us, new generation students, is to find passion and purpose of life. Take time to find ourselves. Some may be lucky to know what they what in life right now, and some may find themselves later in their mid-life. Both speakers gave inspirational words that unlocked a new perspective on how we define our existence and how to live life with a clear value.
Through this three day event in Pattaya organized by the BBA staffs, not only were students were able to learn and share through different events, but also connect with BBA Alumni from diverse batches. As a participant in the first year of Finance and Marketing Bootcamp, I believe this event is truly valuable and really opens up a new perspective for younger generations.
Posted on July 18, 2019