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BBA Thammasat Case Team Camp

Written and Edited by
Pawarid Samalapa & Pornpong Homewong, BBA#26
After hearing the news of the case team having their first ever camp ever on June 16 - 18 2018, I was overwhelmed by excitement. I imagined the camp to be serious and that we would be sitting in groups with our laptops cracking cases. Since that was the picture I had in mind, when I found out the real meaning of the camp and the experiences I had during the camp, I was surprised and it became one of the best moments to remember.
On the first day, after arriving at the camp at The Pine Resort in Pathum Thani province, we were looking forward to our rooms. We were picked to share the same rooms as our case team seniors. After adjusting and getting to know each case club members, I realized what this camp was for. In the afternoon session, the activities that we had done is mainly ice breaking between juniors and seniors to make everyone more comfortable around each other. Using these activities, Ajarn Ronnaphrom Chunngam has created moments that brought out a new perspective of the case team. We were dancing and showing new and goofy sides of ourselves. Sometimes it was embarrassing, but more than that was a refreshing experience. I got to see new personalities of each case team members that otherwise would not have shown up in more serious settings such as in case team meetings. This released the tension between the members and offered us the opportunity to build good relationships. Ajarn then taught about Teamwork”. Afternoon activities consists of doing everything as a team to acquire and understand the intrinsic value of the word Teamwork”. Ajarn taught us to step up for others and also value our own responsibilities in our own team. We created our own flags, scarves, and had to take care of balloons and team sign. All these items must be protected and cared for as they amount to points in the game and final result of which team is going to win. These activities are able to let everyone build deeper relationships and bond beyond what normally might be barriers between each person.

For the second day in this camp, the activities prepared started with the resorts adventure program in the morning. I walked out of my room wearing clothes that are ready to be soaked in water. We ran through slippery blocks to get to the other side of the pond. I saw many seniors slip and fall and had a laugh together with my friends. We also had a mission to find hints all around and close to the activities we had to do. The hints were then used to find the final answer. Every team is competing for time and the atmosphere was lively and fun. There were some injuries due to the excitement, but overall, everything went smoothly and all teams finished their missions successfully. Other than being extremely exciting and fun, these activities also help connected everyone together as a team. I have a chance to see many of my friends and my seniors working in their own team to achieve and prevail and achieve their goals together without leaving anyone behind. Even though not everyone can be a winner, the outcome of these activities taught me the value of each team members and what it means to be a team.
In the evening of the second day, many seniors left because they have internship obligations the next morning. I felt sad and realized that the teams we formed would be almost empty without our seniors. At the end, I would like to take this opportunity to convey my warmness gratitude towards everyone who played a significant part in creating and operating this camp to achieve its goal safely and soundly. Firstly, I would like to thank Ajarn Worapong Janyangyuen and Ajarn Supawat Likittanawong for creating this camp along with guiding and giving us new knowledge that I would never have found anywhere else. Also, thank you PAor and PRay from BBA office for the action of support and taking care of us during this camps sessions. This camp cannot be successful and achieve their main objective if any one of this four people is missing. I sincerely thank all of you for your kindness in making this camp for us and hopefully that in the upcoming future I will have a chance to have another meaningful trip again.
Posted on July 6, 2018