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Winner & Tax Rising Star of Deloitte Thailand Business Challenge 2018

Wassaporn Viranggorn, BBA #23
Deloitte Thailand Business Challenge 2018 marks the fifth year of business case competition held by Deloitte Thailand. This year, the theme is to unleash innovative thoughts and hidden potential within young talents. With strong efforts and passion, our team from BBA Thammasat consisting of Phawinee Wisonlaphrut, Pichapa Tiramanit, Wichayut Woodtikarn and I, Wassaporn Viranggorn succeeded in being a winner in Risk Management and Innovation.
In the application process, we are assigned to submit a short video clip introducing team members and answering the question about upcoming trend that is growing in our society and how we will use innovation to address this trend. We found that it was very interesting to do this project together because, we can creatively introduce the idea in our own styles. As the result, out of all the participants, we were selected to be one of the six teams that passed to the preliminary round.
On February 8th, we were assigned with a 45-minute case that allows us to prepare and write out our presentation. Under time pressure, we deliberately analyzed the case and conducted a 10-minute presentation, including Q&A. We eventually proceeded to the final round.

In the final round, we were given 2 hours to work on a case to prepare the presentation that included insights about business strategy, tax and risk management. We had to give 20-minute presentation and followed by 10-minute Q&A session. The case was to find an appropriate business partners and mode of entry to particular country that would benefit the company in several aspects. It was such a challenging moment working on the case in a short timeframe. Yet, we found that the material we had learnt in class helped us through the case cracking session. It was a great hands-on experience from real business setting. We did a good job and gave it all we had on the stage.  Finally, we were announced to be the winner in Risk Management and Innovation and will represent as Thailand team to participate in SEA Risk Intelligence Challenge on July 2018. Moreover, Wichayut Woodtikarn won Rising Star Award and will participate in SEA Tax Challenge in Indonesia on February 2018.
We would never be able to make it this far alone. We, hereby, would like to express gratitude towards everyone involved in our success starting from Deloitte Thailand, Deloitte Human Resources Team, BBA Thammasat, BBA case team’s advisors, our teammates, friends, and families who have supported us along the way. Thank you.
Posted date:  February 19, 2018 by Sochaya T.