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KPMG Ambassador 2018

Written By Tanawat Rujiwanich, BBA #25
“An opportunity never come with the destiny”. Nowadays, business world is running fast forward and KPMG Ambassador is an opportunity created for business student to pursue their university path in order to be in the part of your CV for the start of your working life. In addition, KPMG can share their news fast and direct to the main target group via representative group of students spreading throughout not only the faculty but also the university. For this year, the process of searching KPMG ambassador for Thammasat University is different from the previous year with one-day activity of which it can bring out the capability of student in many soft skills such as leadership, team spirit and interpersonal skill. Starting the day with the game in “Escape Room” which has an objective for the team to find the solution in order to escape the room within 45 minutes by solving puzzles inside and get the key to unlock the door for being escaped. In this activity, I gain more experiences on working with team of which it can be applied to the real world with challenging problem since it is mostly required working on team-based.

After the Escape Room, I had a lunch at Novotel Siam where student also attended a session with KPMG staff in order to share their experience in the firm with various business areas namely Audit, Tax and Legal, Advisory. The session was also opening the floor for the students to ask questions related to the field of work. In my point of view, this session can open my mind for knowing more about the scope of each field and determining which field is more suitable for me. After the session, it is the time to announce Top10 KPMG Ambassador of which this team will become the main working team on KPMG Ambassador of Thammasat University. Thankfully, I had been selected as the working team. Furthermore, it is my honor to be selected as Top2 Ambassador which is beyond my expectation. Finally, I would like to thank to all of the KPMG staffs who encourage me to expose my potential and also all of the BBA teachers who teach me both hard skills and soft skills to make me become more professional in business area. This opportunity will become a next step in my life and I will develop not only hard skills but also soft skills as well to become the professional in the real business world.

Posted date:  February 13, 2018 by Sochaya T.