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TU101 Field Trip at C ASEAN

Written By Latisha Khorana, BBA #26
On Tuesday, 14th November we, first year BBA students had a field trip to the Company of C-Asean. This trip was organized by Ajarn Rick to help us have a better overview on ASEAN as well as Thailand’s role in the ASEAN community. When we first got there the staff which consisted on one BBA graduate and one Thammasat Business school ( Thai sector) graduate who gave us warm welcome. We were then given a tour of the building, the rooftop and the ‘dream’ office. They showed how the creative spaces in the building encouraged creative and free thinking employees which all in all ties in with the success of the Company. The company also gave us a presentation on what their entire company was about. C-ASEAN, used C in its company names because of the 5 core values that are represented by this letter, some of them being connectivity, community and so on. It was explained that this company was a platform where business amongst the ASEAN community were given the chance to broadcast, market and connect with other business within the ASEAN community. We were even given a chance to get a sneak peek at their broadcasting area where the sets differ as per the different company requirements.

When we got back we played a little game on Kahoot regarding the history of ASEAN as well as a couple of fun facts regarding ASEAN. After each questions the staffs would give detailed explanations regarding the question to help our understanding. After the Kahoot was done we had a Guest Speaker, Mr. Sid , who gave us an education presentation on how important the alliance of ASEAN was. He talked about the economic shift that was heading towards the eastern hemisphere due to China becoming the Hegemony. How this economic shift was also due to ASEAN. He further explained how our connectivity help us gain not only recognition from other countries but helped the 10 countries in this alliance to be able to provide, help develop and educate each other. We also talked about how certain countries within the ASEAN community regardless of being conservative will still be able to progress due to how globally connected our world has began.
This was indeed a very educational experience especially since we are studying in one of the countries that is part of ASEAN. It is always good to know our environment in all aspects and how the connectivity of our countries work.

Posted date:  November 25, 2017 by Sochaya T