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The Winner & Best presenter of P&G CEO Challenge 2017

Written By Pichapa Tiramanit, BBA #23
P&G CEO Challenge 2017 is not just a contest. This program offers fast track to internship and manager positions in Thailand. Moreover, winning team will officially represent Thailand in regional round in Singapore. The competition consists of 4 rounds starting from online application, assessment test, interview, and case-cracking. Each applicant applied as individuals then randomly put in teams to solve a business case. Our team consists of people from different backgrounds. We have an engineering student, two master graduates and a business student. I feel lucky being in this team since we can complement each other with our skills. This year challenge is about acquiring more Gillette users by targeting POME (Point of Market Entry) to double user growth in Thailand. Teams must devise a holistic POME execution plan for launch within 5 months.
The national final round kicks off by training sessions from P&G managers. We received guidance on Sales, Marketing, Finance, Consumer Market Knowledge, and Product supply department. These sessions tremendously help us understand more about how P&G run the business successfully. Later, our team starts cracking the case. We had around 20 hours to prepare the presentation. It was very intense learning about FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) and applying the knowledge right away. We also had to consider feasibility and execution greatly in this case which is the thing that set it apart from other competitions.

Next is the presentation date, we were given 15 minutes for presentation and the same amount for Q&A. With little sleep and preparation time, we presented the best we could and hoped for the best. Finally, we were announced to be winner of the national round representing Thailand in the Asia Pacific round. Moreover, I and Wichayut Woodtikarn won the Best Presenter award as well.
We would like to express gratitude towards everyone involved in our success starting from P&G Thailand, P&G Human Resources Team, BBA Thammasat, our teammates, friends, and families who have supported us along the way. Thank you!
Posted date:  November 19, 2017 by Sochaya T.