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LO212 Field Trip at Big C Supercenter PLC. & V. Cargo Co., Ltd.

Written By: Pantawat  Julasukhon, BBA #23
On Oct, 10th 2017, it was a great opportunity for me as well as other students in the class to participate in the session organized by the leading retail business and logistic provider. This field trip is one of the requirements of LO212 or Introduction to Logistic Management Course in order to provide an extensive knowledge about supply chain management which emphasizes on logistic and illustrate how the actual business decide and conduct logistic activities. In addition, various points of view towards supply chain are shared and different issues regarding logistics are discussed according to each type of business.
“Big C Supercenter Public Company Limited” was the place where the first half of the trip was conducted. Here, a comprehensive presentation and discussion was provided regarding the important issues; for instance, the core competencies of the company, implemented strategies and logistic system applied by the company. Furthermore, Big C also allowed the students to observe its department store in order to learn how Big C allocates its staffs for each responsibility, understand the way to apportion the limited space and see how the company manages the storage space and replenish the items.

After visiting retail business, the second half of the trip was conducted at “V. Cargo Company Limited” which is a logistic provider. The company provides a comprehensive services ranging from customs-related services, warehouse management to transportation; therefore, an extensive explanation about those services was provided by logistic experts.  Apart from the lecture-based explanation, the company also demonstrated the steps of how works were assigned to each employee and illustrated the importance of technology in operating this type of business.
By participating in this field trip, the students are not only able to learn and increase their knowledge base, but they can also observe and involve in the actual place and operation applied by the successful retail and logistic business operators. This will ensure that, after studying in LO212 course, the students are able to utilize their knowledge and apply it to the real world.
Lastly, I, as a representative of the class, would like to express my gratitude by saying “Thank you” to Big C Supercenter Public Company Limited, V. Cargo Company Limited, BBA Program and, last but not least, Asst. Prof. Dr. Suntichai Kotcharin; the course instructor who planned and organized this field trip.
Posted date:  November 15, 2017 by Sochaya T.