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BBA Thammasat Student won First Place at Capsim's Spring 2017 Foundation® Challenge

Written by Sirimon Makarananda, BBA#22
The Capsim Challenge is a business simulation competition, giving students the opportunity to test their business acumen against competitors from all over the world. The simulation allows students to bring their understanding of how an integrated business works from the theory to practice. With the environment of a competitive marketplace, the challenge also provides a basis for strategic thought as students need to make decisions for many departments in a company such as R&D, Marketing, Production, Finance, TQM, and HR.
I was introduced to Capsim at the BBA Graduation trip hosted in Pattaya. However, students had only a few days to figure out how the game works. Luckily I was in a team that had experienced members who played the game before. Hence, I got to follow their lead and learn how the game works very fast.
As someone who loves playing simulation game, I found Capsim very interesting as the game combines the excitement of simulation game nature and business-related knowledge in one place. Therefore, I decided to participate in Capsims Spring 2017 Challenge.

For the qualifying rounds, each team must compete in eight rounds against computer teams. As it was in self-paced mode, participants were allowed to process all eight rounds in ten days and must be completed within the given deadline. Later, finalists are selected by taking the highest team Balanced Scorecard from each school then selecting the 6 highest Balanced Scorecards from that list.
For the final rounds, it was totally different from the qualifying rounds. The six finalists must compete against each other by making critical decisions on hourly deadlines, making the challenge an eight-hour competition. Within one hour, each team must analyze competitors and market conditions and make decisions based on information given for that particular year. When the time is up, the next round begins immediately. To me, the hardest part of Capsim Challenge is to keep myself awake as the competition started at midnight and ended at 7AM. It was exhausting, but still exciting as we can see the result of each round immediately after the decision has been processed.
With the result of the game, I believe that I somehow have made the right strategy for the game even though I have made some good and bad decisions along the way. It shows that it is very important to have the key strategy in the business plan that we can make decisions based on it.
Lastly, I would like to thank Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nopadol Rompho for the intensive training and support, Ajarn Krit Pattamaroj for the guidance, and BBA Program for allowing me to have the opportunity to play the game. I would not have joined and won the Capsim Global Challenge without these supports!
Posted on April 27, 2017 by Sirakalya A.