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First Place McGill Management International Case Competition 2015 (International Team), McGill University

Written By Poonsak Sinthawat, BBA#20
McGIll Management International Case Competition is a world-class undergraduate competition, run entirely by students of the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University, Montreal, Canada. This event marked 15th year of success with a unique standpoint of being the world’s friendliest case competition. The 6-day competition period, from March 15th to March 21st, 2015, is well balanced since the schedule includes three days of social activities and three days of intense case cracking and presentation.
Besides the university team, Thammasat University is eligible to send additional person to form “Team International” which is a pool of former-year top three universities and the host, McGill University. This year, Team International is composed of Shilpa Kannan from Wharton Business School, Nicholas Heng from Simon Fraser University, Deven Sanon from McGill University and myself, Poonsak Sinthawat from Thammasat University. With such a diverse backgrounds and working styles, it is a truly challenging task for us to unify as a team and overcome any challenges within a period of only three days where each team member actually meets in person. However, thanks to the social activities arranged by the executive committees and also our team ambassador, Cheresa, all four separate strangers eventually turned into a close group of siblings.

On the case side, this year’s case company is McKesson Canada, a Canadian healthcare solution provider for manufacturers, pharmacies, hospitals and various healthcare institutions who serve the Canadian patients. Our main task is to formulate strategies that accelerate the company’s growth. Despite varying working styles, the team managed to pull out each member’s strengths, adapted them and finally arrived at the mutually agreed outcomes. 32 hours of case cracking are tedious, yet; fun. We got to learn more about different universities’ approaches to tackle the case and also more about the team members themselves. On the presentation day, although the team confronted challenges, we learnt to take them as lessons and adapted to refine our second presentation. 
The event summarizes with a happy ending. It’s been another year of pride for BBA Thammasat since we are bringing back home two awards; first place for Team International and second place for Thammasat University. For me, the more rewarding achievement is not the trophy, but rather a pride to retain assurance of Thammasat legacy and most importantly; a lifetime friendship I got to establish in this competition.
Finally, let me extend my deepest gratitude to all the parties that make this journey possible and this memorable. First, I would like to thank BBA Thammasat for equipping me with the essential skills, both technical and soft skills, required for case cracking. Second, I would like to thank BBA Case Club advisors for handing me such a valuable opportunity and your kind instructions. Lastly, thank you MMICC Organizing Committee, Cheresa and Katherina, the ambassadors, and a Thammasat team for your genial hospitality, assistance throughout the competition and sharing with me an unforgettable fulfillment of my university life I could not have appreciated more.
Posted date: April 16, 2015 – 11:16 Hrs.