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BBA Alumni Career Talk “Consulting Career”

Written by Chaloemlak Tantiviwatkhul, BBA #26
I am so grateful to be a part of BBA Alumni Career Talk “Consulting Career”, one of the most impactful and beneficial talks I have ever attended to. After the talk I was left with the inspiration and motivation from all the speakers to be one of the great consultants like them. The talk was a very value-added moment to all of us. It helped visualize and answered all the questions which we all might have about a consulting career. Moreover, additional tips and insights were neatly provided from all prestigious invited speakers including Khun Nantharat (P’Kapau), Case Team Leader from Bain & Company, Khun Sirirat (P’Fai), Consultant from Boston Consulting Group, Khun Hathaipatr (P’Kaimook), Consultant from Roland Berger and Khun Siwawong (P’Job), Consultant, McKinsey & Company. We gained a lot of insights starting from what a consultant is, how to prepare to be one and what it is like to be an actual consultant from all alumni who are actually in the industry.
During the talk, there are various topics to be highlighted and one of them is what type of people are most suitable to be a consultant. This topic is very interesting because it would lead us to know whether we are suitable to be a consultant or what attributes should be working further on. Most of the speakers stressed on a few common attributes including perseverance, fast learning, resilience and flexibility. As well, they mentioned relevant skills which consultants are required to enhance namely analytical skill, interpersonal skill and conceptual skill. Most importantly, there are things that consultants should get rid of such as being unmotivated, stop taking feedback and stop learning.
The best part of the talk was when all alumni talked about their own working experiences. Having a chance to listen to all working stories from great consultants from all global leading companies was such a memorable and inspiring moment for all of us. I felt even more interested in the career even more through their stories. Moreover, the best part of me was not only the talk but the chance of meeting P’Kapau, one of the guest speakers. She is a writer of the book “The Lucky Layoff” which inspired me to apply for the BBA program because I really like the way she was thinking and visualizing the culture and study environment of BBA.
Lastly, I would like to thank all the BBA professors and officers who helped organize this talk for all of us. It was such an inspiring and fulfilling time to join the event and it is really difficult to gain such a great experience without being a part of BBA.
Posted on April 24, 2020