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BBA Go 1st sub-project “Give blood Give life”

Written by Kanyaporn Theeraattavet, BBA#26
Talking about blood donation I believe most of people who have never donated their blood before would think about needle, pain and smell of the blood. As one of organizers of this event and newbie for blood donation I have learn so many new things.
First of all, blood donation was not as scary and painful as most of people and myself think. I was so surprise that even we come on an early morning there are so many people there already, the que lied from one side and end on the other side of the room. Second, during the waiting time I’m so glad that I have chance to cheer some of the freshmen up and get to talk and know more about them even one that I have never seen at the university. We discussed various of topics, get to know more about each other I think it was such a good start for bonding. Moreover, there was actually one of the freshman who was so excited about donating his blood and make his heart pulse goes too high and he had to even clam himself down or a little while. There was also freshman who told me he has never known his true blood type before until that day. I was so positive that the event turned out to be very great. We could handle everyone well on that day even it’s the first time that our BBA go team actually work together on real project. I’m looking forward to the next event, for bonding with more people, doing something good together with other BBA students after from reading and revising the books for exams. I felt so amazing receiving many good feedbacks from the participants and hearing them say that they want to come back and attend such great event again. From this event, I also gained more knowledge about the criterias that I have to need in order to donate my blood. Unfortunately, on the day before the event did not have enough rest and resulting in myself cannot donate the blood. From the event I have learn one important thing is that in order to help other people you have to take a very good care of yourself first because your body tells!
Lastly, I wanted to says big thanks to everyone, event participants for joining our project, BBA Go staffs who make our first project so successful, the Red Cross staffs that help with floor guiding and giving us a hand when we needed and essentially BBA program that gave us all the support and make our BBA Go happened.
Posted on September 3, 2018