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The Winner & Line@ Booster of Digital Young Talent by Line@ x aCommerce Academy

Written by Pemika Masana & Nuttapon Maythapak BBA#23
Digital Young Talent is a business case competition organized cooperatively by Line@ and aCommerce Academy . The objective is to leverage online marketing on businesses in order to reach business goal. From 120 teams competing, 20 teams were shortlisted, and only 5 final teams would have an opportunity to present ideas at Line Thailand office.
Our team which consists of Pemika Masana, Nanthipat Komsaengpetch, Naviya Dechojarassri, Nuttapon Maythapak, and Pakakul Trithepchunlayakoon, all are from BBA 23. During the competition, the team had to create strategies for five companies that use Line@, an online application for business communication, in order to enhance performance of their businesses by using Line@’s tools. What made the competition challenging was the fact that the companies had to apply suggested strategies on their business and performance would be tracked along 21 days by the organizers. This was not easy because everything started from scratch from contacting the businesses, analyzing problems and finding opportunities, proposing solutions and executing strategies that would impact business directly.
Despite all toughness, the challenge was more than worthwhile; not only that we allowed to apply our knowledge to come up with solutions, we also saw outcomes of each strategies and able to further adjust when plan seemed off track; most importantly, we learned more deeply how business runs by establishing relationship with business owners and worked closely with them to guarantee most effective plan.
After all hard work, on September 25, 2017 we were qualified for final round and proceeded to present the plan with other four teams from three different universities. At the end of the day, our team won the first place and also received the special award given to team that acquired the most total follower nunbers for Line@ account.
The journey of our team members was not as smooth as silk but not as rough as heavy rainy day. Our team would not have come this far without all support we have received. We would like to express our gratitude to our advisors as well as BBA for equipping us skills and knowledge, thank you to BBA friends for valuable advices and encouragement throughout the period, and most importantly I would like to say thank you to all team members that drive towards the same goal and become the winner in this competition.
Posted date:  November 15, 2017 by Sochaya T.