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Winner of NIVEA Junior Marketeer Challenge

Written by Kanda Suwanachuen, BBA #24
Kittikarn Teekathananont, BBA #24
Rutchaporn Lewsirivongse, BBA #24

Derive an integrated marketing communication plan that will reinforce the notion of ‘Care’ in NIVEA’s brand identity as well as generate sales during the Q4 of 2018” was the mission that we, The Ivy Crews Team, had worked on. Organised by Beiersdorf Thailand for the first time, NIVEA Junior Marketeer Challenge was held from February 23 to April 28, with a total of 128 teams participating. Our team, consisting of Chanakan Sillapaouychai, Kanda Suwanachuen, Kittikarn Teekathananont, Rutchaporn Lewsirivongse and Sirada Sundarasardula, emerged as the winner.

The competition had two rounds: the qualifying round and final round. We were asked to propose a 10-page IMC plan for NIVEA’s ‘Care to Share’ campaign on the qualifying round. Before the final round, we were invited to ‘World of Blue’, the open house for ten finalist teams, where we had a chance to consult with the management team at Beiersdorf office and learn NIVEA DNA in such a cozy and vibrant environment. Finally, on April 28, we came up with the IMC plan that redefined ‘Care’, adjusting the definition to be more relevant to customers’ lifestyles in a changing world by employing technological tools.

Under our proposed campaign, customers will be encouraged to ‘share NIVEA’ to ‘someone they truly care’. The QR code pasted on NIVEA packagings will provide a platform - with the employment of AR technology that will help customers to express their care to their loved ones. The IMC strategies generally aim to excite the target customers, evoke the emotional feeling of care and employ the innovation. After all, we had learned that teamwork, dedication and the balance of team members’ characters are powerful factors that led us to success.

Most importantly, we would like to take this opportunity to thank Asst. Prof. Dr. Aurathai Lertwannawit, our advisor, for the kind support as well as to thank BBA Program for always bringing the best in all of us.
Posted date: May 2, 2018 by Sochaya T.