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BA401 Field Trip at Lee Viwat Textile Industry Co. Ltd

Written By Tim Ratanaprukse, BBA #23
On December the 2nd, the class of BA401 went on a fieldtrip to the professor’s home. We arrived at the household with warm welcome from our professor, delicious food and snacks all around. Of note was a couple of sets of the Monopoly board game. To our surprise we were assigned to split into groups and play Monopoly.
After finishing the Monopoly session, the professor taught us valuable lessons that can be learned from a simple board game. We learned of the irrationality in the behavior of people when conducting trades, that leads to the collapse of such trades. We learned that having the first mover advantage is important and much more.
Lastly, the professor gave us life lessons through a power point presentation. The professor taught us to prioritize our lives and choose the path that best suits us. A consulting job can be like a jet, drains a lot of fuel but reaches the goal quick whereas another job may take more time in the end it reaches the same goal. Also choose what we want to put in our “life jar”. If we choose the less important things to put in our jar first then we won’t have enough space to put the important things in. Overall it was a perfect ending to send off the course.
Posted date:  December 25, 2017 by Sochaya T.