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HR311 Fieldtrips to Google and DTAC

Effectively managing employees’ behaviors is a definition of successfully managing business in the ever-changing environment, regardless of how fast technology has disrupted the extant business models.  The course of Organization Behavior (HR311) has emphasized, if not enlightened, that aspect to a greater extent.  It is a critical point in which corporate executives and entrepreneurs can no longer take it for granted.  It is right here knocking on the door.  The HR311 students have received an exclusive access to visiting two well-reputed organizations, namely Google and DTAC.    
The first field trip is Google.  How does Google become a great place work?  It is a fun-fulfilling workplace that demonstrates the “Google’s Secrets of Innovation: Empowering Its Employees.”  It is virtually considered one of the world’s largest hubs for startups on the planet.  How do they do it?  It is not just words on the wall, yet it is a way of work that is glued by the Google culture characterized by Googlyness.  For instance, open dialogs to power up collaborations are of the pivotal keys to innovation.  Every week the Google’s founders communicate their vision and inspire their staff to go beyond “what is possible, by focusing on what is not possible.”  The philosophy of 10x is woven into Google’s DNA.  That is when a sense of innovation starts to kick in.  Google gives staff the freedom to implement all innovative projects, while also attempting to strip away everything that gets in the employees’ way with a hassle-free environment laced with benefits – from free meals to relaxing zones.  That is the Google way that has kept the pipeline of innovation going by tapping its employees and letting ideas percolate up.

The second field trip is DTAC, ranked third in the Thai telecommunication industry.  The DTAC people strongly believe in building a “happy organization” where the DTAC way or culture is constantly developed along with its brand.  Corporate culture is undoubtedly the key to success in this regard.  However, due to the recent technological disruption, DTAC has made a radical shift to transform its corporate culture under the philosophy of “Flip-it,” aiming to instill a new mindset with a sense of digital dynamics. The work atmosphere / climate is deliberately designed to reflect its culture, thereby influencing, if not shaping, how the DTAC people behave and work in the DTAC way.  Interestingly, it has been claimed as one of the most insanely awesome offices in the world (  Walking around a creativity floor and sliding down in the office hallway is absolutely an impressive experience.
Both field trips have broadened the HR311 students’ horizons toward the soft side of the organization which deserves to be increasingly addressed in the business equation.  And that the students learn how to prepare themselves to consider both the culture-fit and the job-fit dimensions prior to landing into any jobs in the future.
Posted on July 5, 2018