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BBA #23 Graduation Event – Alumni Connection

Written by Supavee Auejitracharoen, BBA#23
When it comes to the ending of academic journey, it was a time that we need to prepare ourselves to get ready for the real working life.
On Sunday May 6, 2018, we were given a great opportunity to attend the most impactful session, BBA# 23 Alumni connection, at Millennium Hilton Hotel organized by BBA program. The main objective for this session is to prepare us to outshine and become successful in our career path.

In this Alumni connection session, there were a lot of honorable and successful alumni from BBA #1 to BBA #22, who were willing to share their working experiences regarding what they have done, challenges that we need to encounter and also tips to become successful in the future. The most favorite part that I like about this session is that it is not a one-side communication but we have real personal conversation with alumni. In addition, this session has been divided into many tables in which one table consists of 7 students and 3 BBA alumni who are from different working backgrounds. With this layout, we can ask several questions which helped us to understand it undoubtedly and will be able to gain various experiences from them.
On the overall, this session is truly useful and enjoyable since we have received plenty of useful lessons from this session. Firstly, it allowed many of us to shape our decision about our career path after graduation. Moreover, it broadened our thoughts and perspectives to new learnings. Most importantly, it built up good connection between us and alumni.
On behalf of BBA #23, I would like to thank all Ajarns, BBA alumni and BBA offices who put much efforts on organizing this event for us.
Posted on May 17, 2018