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BBA Career Exposition 2018

Written by Pattanan Peetakanont, BBA #25
On April 29th, the BBA program had organized the “BBA Career Expo 2018” which give students an opportunity to meet representatives from various leading companies in all majors; Accounting, Financing and Marketing. Many firms had participated in the event such as Exxon Mobil, SEA, SCB, TISCO, Nimble and Swag, Phatra, Lazada, all the big 4 companies and etc.
In the morning, the program had invited the representatives from each company to give us a presentation about their company, internship and career opportunities. From this session, we have enhanced our knowledge a lot about career opportunities and also about the firms. They had presented about their company background, main departments in the company, employee’s benefits and etc. They had told us about their experience working with the firm and about the working environment as well. They also gave us a clearer picture of who they are looking for or what they expect from the new graduates. Therefore, we can prepare ourselves to be ready for the real working world. Moreover, they also discussed about new trends and technologies that might affect some career and how we should deal with it. We also had a chance to meet companies’ partners and listen to their real experience which is a highly valuable lesson for us.

After lunch, each participating company had set up the booth and give us opportunities to meet them individually. The representatives from all the firms are very friendly and welcomed all the questions that we asked. Thus, we could gather lots of information from them without hesitation. Many firms also opened the opportunity for us to apply for a job or internship program. We also have a chance to meet our alumni who works with the participating companies. They told us about their experiences when they were a student like us, or when they started their work.
The BBA Career Expo 2018 which was exclusively organized for BBA students is very helpful and extremely valuable for us. This event had brought the students and leading firms closer and allowed us to grab the good opportunities.
Posed Date: May 2, 2018 by Sochaya T.