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Marshall International Case Competition 2018

Written by Sitthipat Viriyabusya, BBA #24
Marshall Internationall Case Competition, the oldest case competition in the world for more than 21 years, was held during Febuary 21-24, 2018. Amongst 20 top-ranked universities with 12 different countries, Thammasat University is invited to compete in this competition.  The team is comprised of four members including Dachpadung Wong (#BBA23), Sitthipat Viriyabusya (#BBA24), Panya Kanchanatawan (BBA#25), Phunyanuch Thamromdee (#BBA25), along with our advisor Ajarn Supawat Likittanawong.
We arrived at Los Angeles one day earlier before the competition starts, as the team can have a rest after long flight from Bangkok. The city itself was amazing and people there are very friendly. We received a lot of support from BBA TU Alumni and student who were on exchange there as they visited us at the hotel and having dinner together on our first night.
During the case competition, USC arranged so much fun activities for the participants in order to blends us together. Such as treasure hunting at Santa Monica beach or even hiking to Hollywood sign! We make lots of international friends there and shared lots of culture/professional thoughts. It was a quality time to spend in Los Angeles.
For Marshall Case Competition format in this year, the competition has two rounds; preliminary round and final round. However, the team requires to crack only one, 24-hour long case, following by 30 minutes of practice time before the preliminary round presentation. The teams will be randomly divided into 5 division. Each division consisted of 4 team and only the winner within the division will be proceed to the final round. To ensure the fair judgement, the team will be called as the division name and followed by the order of the presentation. For example, We are team Malibu1.

On the case cracking day, it started off in the morning with the division drawing and the presentation slots. The atmosphere has changed to be more stressful and serious among teams as it is the day why we are all in Los Angeles. After the last team picking up their division and slot, we know that within our division, Malibu, consist of; Wharton Business School, University of Virginia and University of British Columbia. We immediately walk right off the event as we are the first slot to cracking case in this competition.
This year, unlike any other case competitions, MICC let the teams to explore an envision the future of shopping mall industry in the US. This is not the company case but to restructure the whole industry. The main goal is to integrated Omni-channel trends to the U.S. shopping mall as they are consistently close down and what should shopping mall position itself when the customer can easily buying the product online instead of the retail store. After the sleepless night, intense debating between each other and carefully crafted our presentation slides, we finally tried our best to deliver our messages to the judges.
Even though Wharton Business School was announced to be the representative of our division. But we, Thammasat team, has no regrets on the results. We knew that we put our best effort in every week for months through the case simulations in order to be ready for this competition. And no matter what the results are, we were aware that we have developed to the very best version of ourselves and know how to work as a team effectively and efficiently with the time constrained and so much pressure. After the preliminary round announcement, we watched the final round and enjoyed the gala dinner after. Apparently, Wharton Business School has won the Marshall Case Competition in this year.
We would like to thank you BBA Thammasat and BBA case club for give us this precious opportunity. It is definitely the lifetime experience. The professor and ex-case club alumni have been pushing us beyond our limits. The support within the case club are amazing, everyone wish us for the best. We promise would tried our best to bring the glory and legacy to BBA Thammasat further. Till next time.
Posted date:  April 18, 2018 by Sochaya