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BBA Short Lecture Series #50: Regression

Written by Natch Aroonpruksakul, BBA#24
Written by Natch Aroonpruksakul, BBA#24
On 29th September, I’ve attended short lecture series on Regression. Before such lecture, I struggled a lot when it comes to regression topics or regression applications. I even feel hopeless when I need to work with any regression related materials. Unfortunately, I cannot avoid working with regression since I am a finance student. In addition, many of my lectures stressed that regression is important and useful for finance related works. At the end, I decided to attend Regression short lecture series, with a hope to gain a better understanding on regression topic and to be able to work with it easier later on.
After I attended regression short lecture class, I very understand more about regression. It was a three hours class that was not that stressful at all. Prof. Anchada and Prof. Pantisa has a very good teaching technique, which easily made the students understand regression topic. They very give a clear explanation clarify the hard to understand points. They used an examples that students are familiar with to illustrate how the regression works. That makes me understand about regression materials and its application better than before.

The professors in the regression lecture are very kind and take a very good care to all of the students. They were willing to answer all of the students’ questions, no matter how much time they had explained on that topic. They also help each individual students in doing the examples of the regression application to make sure that students understood and will be able to work with regression after the lecture ended. That is another point which very helps me to understand the lecture better.
At the end of the class, I very gain a better understanding of the regression. I now understand about the material and its application more. In addition, I also understand why many professors mentioned that regression is very important to finance students. Thanks to the lecture, I am able to understand the regression related material better and have more confidence when working with regression for any project. I never regret the decision in attending that lecture series at all.
Posted date:  November 15, 2017 by Sochaya T.