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BBA Camp#13 @ Mae La Noi, Mae Hong Sorn

Written by Nareepat Chulavalaivong BBA#24
“A single journey where we truly learn how giving is much more meaningful than taking” best defines the unforgettable memories of BBA Camp. Every year after the end of first semester, BBA Camp is an activity that gathers a group of volunteer spirits to travel north of Thailand where students first year through fourth year spend two weeks completely cut off from communication devices devoting all our time to help people in the northern rural area. This year marks the thirteenth year of BBA Camp where second year students are responsible for organizing the camp. The main objective of BBA Camp is not only to make a difference for the less fortunate people and giving them opportunities to learn and grow educationally, but also for BBA students to experience once in a life time journey dedicated to volunteering.  

BBA Camp 13 consists of fourty-two people, including current students and alumni. We travelled up north to Mae-Hong Sorn, Ampur Mae La Noi and settled our camp in a small village known as Ga Li Kee. In this village, schooling system has not been fully developed due to less government contact and lack of money. Because this problem still remains unnoticed, for this reason, Ga Li Kee village was a beffiting location for the camp this year. Our daily routines at Camp differs throughout, despite living in homestays with locals in that area. The chores are divided into four main jobs: communicate, construct, educate, and cook in which campers are assigned to different jobs each day. Within such a short time period,we are responsible for constructing a multi-purpose building for children in that area as well as educating them.
Spending our time with the locals, we are allowed to truly experience and see how villagers spend their lives without materialistic objects, internet or technology.We learned how there are still so many underpriviledged people in our world today, and that we can really make a change. The passion and dedication to make a difference we bring along to this community does make a big impact in lives of many. With only two weeks, this camp allows us to reflect back on our lives. Hapinness is not only defined by having the most money or from succeeding in ones career, but can be found from fulfilling ones duty in serving the society and most importantly, learning to give unconditionally.
Posted on January 27, 2017 – 10:40 a.m. by Peeraya W.