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BBA Thammasat -- 5th runner up of the Capsim Global Challenge Fall 2016

Written by Pimnipa Vatanavoraluk, BBA #22
Nichcha Kanuenghet, Yada Raweesuppaisan and I, Pimnipa Vatanavoraluk, as a representative for Thammasat University, has an opportunity to compete with 303 universities across 30 countries in the Capsim Global Challenge Fall 2016. The competition demonstrated world-class management skills, it combines financial, intellectual, and human skills and all requirement for successful business management. We would like to hold an honor being winning 5th runner-up in the Capsim Global Challenge Fall 2016.
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nopadol Rompho introduces us to Capsim in our Organizational Performance Measurement class at the beginning of the semester Fall 2016. We found Capsim very challenging and interesting, consequently, we decided to join Capsim Global Challenge for the year 2016. We dedicate our time and effort to learn thoroughly the challenge. The challenge includes intense eight-hour contest, making strategic and tactical decisions for their companies on hourly deadlines. The finalists face a grueling day of focused decision making as we have to make a whole year decision in an hour. There’s very little time to analyze the competitors, the pressure is on! Especially that the competition runs at 12.00 pm in Chicago, this means that our team has to compete in during the night from 1.00 am to eight in the morning.
“Making the finals against thousands of students around the world is a tangible addition to a student’s resume” says Capsim Managing Director, Reda Chafai. “They have proof they can make business decisions intelligently, quickly and under pressure,” he said. “This is as close as you get to a real-life management experience in education
Mr Chafai said, “getting to the finals of the Challenge is an incredible achievement, given the intensity of the competition globallyMost students take a whole semester to complete their business simulation for the first time
“It still amazes me to see how students execute their strategies with such accuracy and precision. They demonstrate they have what it takes to deliver in a fast-paced corporate environment. It’s particularly tough for students in Asia who have to compete in the finals through the middle of the night
 For the first time, the competition has stimulated 4 years of recessions and no-growth market throughout the whole competition. Running the business in recessions is very hard indeed. However, the team is not discouraged by that. We believe that the key to our success lies in teamwork and synergic way of working. We motivate each other up during the long night of the competition and gave our best effort with no regrets.
As the representative of the team, we would like to express our deep gratitude to our Professor Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nophadol Rompho, for introducing, coaching and always supporting us through the competition. Capsim competition is one in a lifetime opportunity. What we learned along the way is ineffable. The team is honored to be in this worthwhile, valuable and unforgettable experiences.
Posted on November 24, 2016